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The hiring process is one of the key pillars of any business. You’re only as good as the employee that you hire, and a flawed hiring process can kneecap your company’s potential for growth. As the job market shifts and changes, the traditional recruiting and interview processes are becoming outdated and ineffective. Here are some key methods for improving the hiring process and finding talent that’s right for your company. 

  • Ask Challenging Questions

The classic interview questions have been used for so long that most – if not all – candidates have canned responses to them. This is a huge problem – how are you going to get a sense of who this person actually is and what their skills are if they’ve made a point to hone their answers to be what you want to hear? 

To avoid this, start asking dynamic questions in an interview. Ask potential hires to teach you something, or how they would react to a particular situation with a customer. The trick is to ask questions that are still relevant to the position without regurgitating the questions on every “most commonly asked interview questions” list published since 2005. 

  • Test for Technical Skills 

Technical skills are often overlooked in traditional interviews – the conversational format doesn’t usually allow candidates to display hard skills beyond listing them on their resume. One of the best ways to fill this gap in the traditional interview process is to conduct “expert interviews.” These interviews consist of a technical expert discussing a candidate’s skill knowledge with them – think of it like a pop quiz. 

  • Play Some Games

If you’re interviewing in a group environment, it can be a great opportunity to use games to evaluate your candidates’ capacity for teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. While it might sound a bit cheesy to begin with, games are truly a great way for interviewees to stand out in the crowd and show you how suitable they are for your company culture.