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James Mahan, New Braunfels

Business & Entrepreneurship

James Mahan, New Braunfels, TX

James Mahan is a business owner, asset manager, and real estate developer from New Braunfels, Texas. He began his educational career with interest in government. James graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government. Not long after graduating, however, he decided that his passion was more geared towards finance and banking industries. He received his Master of Science degree in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

Soon after graduating, James began working as a Wealth Advisor for Merrill Lynch. During this time, he worked as an asset manager and was responsible for acquiring and building a multi-million dollar book worth of business. He also learned how to work alongside exclusive high net-worth clientele, such as personal investors, institutions, and nonprofits. James Mahan excelled at his ability to cater to a variety of financial needs. 

His next position was with JPMorgan Chase & Co. He began as a private client advisor but soon worked his way up to vice president of investments. During his tenure, James Mahan led a team within the firm’s Private Client Division, where he helped manage over $150M in client assets. Over the years, James also worked alongside high profile clients to manage both assets and liabilities. James actively managed clients’ portfolios using proprietary strategies that included strategic investments in stocks, bonds, and derivatives, as well as alternative investments such as real estate, hedge funds, and private equity.

As the Principal of South Texas Capital, located in New Braunfels, James Mahan makes use of all his wealth of experience and knowledge to run the day to day financial operations of his local asset management firm. In addition to his daily responsibilities, James is responsible for managing financial records, books, and reporting for his specialty clientele. He is a well-regarded leader who mentors upcoming investors and teaches his teams about customer loyalty and client relations. His company works hard to ensure customer satisfaction and client retention, which is one of the ways they stand out from their competition. 

In addition to being a financial strategist, James Mahan is also passionate about real estate projects that benefit his community. Born and raised in Texas, James believes in providing the utmost in multi-purpose living to his city’s growing population. New Braunfels is an area he is particularly excited about. It is perfectly situated between Austin and San Antonio, and there is a growing trend of people from both directions who seek to escape city living for a better quality of life.

Living and working in the second most populated state inside the U.S. does come with challenges, however. Much like the first-spot holder, California, Texas has roadway and traffic challenges that need to be managed. The I-35 interstate is one of the top ten longest in the United States and is vital for the Texas economy. It serves as the north-south backbone that runs to and from destinations not only within Texas but also Mexico and the rest of the United States and Canada as well. I-35 also goes by the nickname Texas’ “Main Street” because it carries travelers within and between major Texas metropolitan areas. Nearly half of Texans live within cities accessible by I-35. For these reasons, James Mahan monitors all development projects relating to I-35 expansion very closely, specifically the Capital Express project. Once completed, this would move the I-35 corridor down from the state’s second most congested roadway to a spot in the 20s or 30s.

One project, James is very excited about is a MUTTS Canine Cantina’s ® franchise. This incredibly popular ‘eatertainment’ venue caters to the social, dog-loving crowd. It combines a cocktail bar, restaurant, and dog park in one unique space. The perfect location for such a venue is his other project, Solms Landing. This upscale mixed-use development project will do more than satisfy the needs of the area’s growing population, regardless of interest or age range. Retail space will be blended with office space and multi-family housing, in addition to several hospitality and entertainment areas. This dream 98-acre complex will be a perfect blend of upscale dining, high-end living, and boutique shopping experiences. 

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