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The age of the Internet has led many to think that the age of the local public library has come and gone, but they’d be wrong. Even so, using the Internet to your advantage, along with a couple of other tips and tricks, wouldn’t exactly hurt when it comes to figuring out ways to market your library.

Social Media

It’s a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram world, and this means that advertising your place of business on these and other such social media platforms is essential. That’s true for libraries, too. Take pictures of those stacks of books and share them online with bookworm-friendly hashtags. Post pictures of events at your library too. Keep up with various literary events such as Banned Books Week.

Email Marketing

One of the most old-fashioned online ways of marketing businesses remains one of the surest. Set up a mailing list and then blast out newsletters and other information to teachers, legislators, members, and other local officials who may be interested in the various events that you have going on at your library.

Use Videos

Maybe it’s a bit of a literary sin to say “a picture’s worth a thousand words” to a librarian, but in this case, it can really help. We live in a video-saturated world, and making videos about the various goings-on at your library can be a big help.

When doing this or taking pictures, it is important to use a proper high-quality HD-capable camera. With all the images we encounter in our daily lives now, we are quite good at telling HD from non-HD photos, and the latter are now judged as inferior by default.

Event Marketing

What’s the next big event that you’re hosting at your library? Whatever it is, you want to use that to market your library big time. What’s more, you need to make sure that as many people know about it as possible. Use the tools above, employ flyers and banners, advertise to schools, and use other traditional event planning measures to get as much exposure as possible.

All this and more can help you get your library the publicity it needs and deserves.